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DHL Express lockers

For convenient sending and receiving of shipments.

✔️ Choose the EXPRESS EASY service.
✔️ Pay for the transportation on MyDHL+
✔️ Print out the shipping label
✔️ Take the shipment with the shipping label to the nearest DHL locker

Europe in 1-2 days, the world in 2-4 days

We deliver for you day and night, all over the world.



Europe in 1-2 days, the world in 1-4 days

We deliver your shipments throughout the world in few days.


Shipping price

Select destination country and package (envelope or box 2-8). You can use your own packaging, but it must stay within the given dimensions. E.g. If you choose the Box 3 size, the dimensions and weight of your package must be a maximum of 35x32x10 cm and 2 kg.

Be sure to bring a printed shipping label when you submit your shipment.

If you are not sure how to send your shipment from the DHL locker, visit our DHL Service Points so that we can help you in every way.

Dimensions and weight of shipment

The price is indicative. It may vary according to exact weight and dimensions.
Please fill in all fields of the form.
Fill in the weight of the shipment.

Find the nearest drop-off point for your package

  • Papiniidu Circle K locker

    Papiniidu 17
    80042 PARNU
  • DHL Viljandi Mannimae Rimi locker

    Riia mnt 13
    71011 VILJANDI
  • DHL Saku Selver locker

    Uksnurme tee 2
    75501 TALLINN
  • DHL Saue Rimi locker

    Keskuse 11
    76506 SAUE
  • DHL Laagri Circle K locker

    Parnu maantee 552
    10916 TALLINN
  • DHL Hiiu Rimi locker

    Parnu maantee 386
    11612 TALLINN
  • DHL Juri Circle K locker

    Uus-Ringi tee 14
    75305 JURI
  • DHL Peetri Circle K locker

    Raudkivi tee 1
    75312 PEETRI
  • Valukoja servicepoint

    Valukoja 32/2
    11415 TALLINN
  • DHL Valukoja locker

    Valukoja 32/2
    11415 TALLINN
  • DHL Tatari Rimi locker

    Tatari 64
    10134 TALLINN
  • DHL Lasnamae Centrum locker

    Mustakivi tee 13
    13912 TALLINN
  • DHL Mustakivi Circle K locker

    Mahtra 29
    13811 TALLINN
  • DHL Sikupilli Prisma locker

    Tartu maantee 87
    10112 TALLINN
  • DHL Torupilli selveri locker

    Vesivarava 37
    10126 TALLINN
  • DHL Nomme Circle K locker

    Manniku tee 2
    11624 TALLINN
  • DHL Ravala 6 locker

    Ravala 6
    10145 TALLINN
  • Ravala servicepoint

    Ravala puiestee 6
    10145 TALLINN
  • DHL Tallinna Kotka Selver locker

    Kotka 12
    11315 TALLINN
  • DHL Nautica keskuse locker

    Ahtri 9
    10151 TALLINN
  • DHL Telliskivi Rimi locker

    Telliskivi 61
    10412 TALLINN
  • DHL Keila Circle K locker

    Tutermaa Ulejoe
    76603 KEILA
  • DHL Tallinn Tehnopol locker

    Maealuse 2/1
    12618 TALLINN
  • DHL Kullerkupu Maxima locker

    Oismae tee 46
    13512 TALLINN
  • DHL Tallinna Kadaka Selver locker

    Kadaka tee 56a
    12915 TALLINN
  • DHL Mustamae keskuse locker

    A. H. Tammsaare tee 104a
    12918 TALLINN
  • DHL Haabersti Rimi locker

    Haabersti 1
    13516 TALLINN
  • DHL Tondi selveri locker

    A.H tammsaare tee 62
    11316 TALLINN
  • Merimetsa Selver locker

    Paldiski maantee 56
    10617 TALLINN
  • DHL Sole Circle K locker

    Paldiski maantee 44
    10614 TALLINN
  • DHL Arsenali keskuse locker

    Erika 14
    10416 TALLINN
  • Haapsalu Circle K locker

    Tallinna maantee 77
    90401 HAAPSALU
  • DHL Laanemere keskus locker

    Laanemere tee 30
    13913 TALLINN
  • DHL Pirita Keskuse locker

    Merivalja tee 24
    12112 TALLINN
  • DHL Muuga Maxima locker

    Muuga tee 108
    74117 MUUGA
  • DHL Ecoland locker

    Randvere tee 115a
    11913 TALLINN
  • DHL Viimsi Circle K locker

    Randvere tee 1
    74001 VIIMSI
  • DHL Viimsi Market locker

    Randvere tee 9
    74001 VIIMSI
  • DHL Maardu Maxima locker

    Keemikute 2
    74116 MAARDU
  • DHL Tartu Lounakeskuse locker

    Ringtee 75
    51014 TARTU
  • DHL Tartu Bussijaama Circle K locker

    Turu 6
    51004 TARTU
  • DHL Tartu Eeden Keskuse locker

    Kalda tee 1c
    50703 TARTU
  • DHL Vahi Selver locker

    Vahi 62
    50304 TARTU
  • DHL Valga Rimi locker

    Riia 18
    68203 VALGA
  • DHL Rakvere Rimi locker

    Vilde 8
    44310 RAKVERE
  • DHL Voru Rimi locker

    Juri 85
    65604 VORU
  • DHL Saare Selver locker

    Tallinna 67
    93815 KURESSAARE
  • Kohtla-Jarve Circle K locker

    Kalevi 43
    30323 KOHTLA-JARVE
  • DHL Jewe keskuse locker

    Narva mnt 8
    41536 JOHVI
  • DHL Narva kesklinna Circle K locker

    Tallinna mnt 37
    20605 NARVA
  • DHL Tallinn Vilde Rimi locker

    E. Vilde tee 101
    12911 TALLINN
  • DHL Rapla Prisma locker

    Risti 1
    79530 RAPLA
  • DHL Tallinn Manniku Rimi Super locker

    Manniku tee 100
    11215 TALLINN
  • DHL Tallinn Stroomi Kaubanduskeskus locker

    Tuulemaa 20
    10316 TALLINN
  • DHL Tabasalu Rimi Super locker

    Klooga mnt 10b
    76901 TABASALU
  • DHL Smuuli Maxima locker

    J. Smuuli tee 9
    13629 TALLINN
  • DHL Tondiraba Maxima locker

    Tondiraba 7
    13912 TALLINN
  • DHL Sopruse Rimi Hyper locker

    Sopruse pst 174
    13424 TALLINN
  • DHL Marienthali Selver locker

    Mustamae tee 16
    10617 TALLINN
  • DHL Tartu Sobra Maxima locker

    Voru 55F
    50410 TARTU
  • DHL Parnu Ulejoe Rimi Mini locker

    J. V. Jannseni 3
    80032 PARNU
  • DHL Kohila Vabaduse 7 locker

    Vabaduse 7
    79801 KOHILA
  • DHL Sillamae Maxima XX locker

    Ivan Pavlovi 1a
    40232 SILLAMAE
  • K-J Ahtme Grossi locker

    Maleva 23
    31025 KOHTLA-JARVE
  • DHL Viljandi Circle K Endla locker

    Endla 1
    71008 VILJANDI
  • DHL Paide Maxima locker

    Parnu 63
    72712 PAIDE
  • DHL Elva Maxima locker

    Valga mnt 5
    61504 ELVA
  • DHL Sutiste Circle K locker

    J. Sutiste tee 1
    13411 TALLINN
  • DHL Juhkentali Rimi locker

    Juhkentali 35
    10144 TALLINN
  • DHL Voidujooksu Circle K locker

    Voidujooksu 10
    13628 TALLINN
  • DHL Loo Kikase Arimaja locker

    Saha tee 8a
    74201 LOO
  • DHL Tartu Veeriku Tennisekeskus locker

    Naituse 33
    51014 TARTU
  • DHL Akadeemia Konsum/Coop locker

    Akadeemia tee 35
    12618 TALLINN
  • DHL Roo Prisma locker

    Roo tee 1
    76912 HARKUJARVE
  • DHL Kristiine Keskus locker

    Endla 45
    10615 TALLINN
  • DHL Ulemiste Keskus locker

    Suur-Sojamae 4
    11415 TALLINN
DHL Express Service Point Locker

Papiniidu Circle K locker

Papiniidu 17
80042 PARNU

Currently open

  • Shipments received after 13:00 hour (or on the weekend) will be shipped on the next working day.
  • Use your own packaging to wrap the shipment.
Opening hours
Mon-Sun 00:00-23:59

Holiday opening hours
  • 04/07/2023 closed
  • 04/09/2023 closed
  • 05/01/2023 closed
  • 05/28/2023 closed
Available services
  • Shipment drop off & collection
  • International & domestic shipping
  • Account & prepaid online shippers welcome
  • Pre-printed/return label possible
Contact details
  • +372 6 808 555
  • Service Point ID: TLL801
Shipment / items limits
  • By item:
    60 × 36 × 62 cm
    25 kg
  • By shipment:
    1 pc
    30 kg

How to send via DHL Locker


Order the transport of a shipment online from the comfort of your home or office and submit it at your nearest DHL Locker.


Pay for the transport online and print out the waybill.


Bring the package and waybill to the DHL Locker of your choice when it is convenient for you. Enter or scan the first 10-digit bar code from the waybill and then proceed according to the instructions on the screen.


Then place the shipment in the DHL Locker – and it's done! You will be notified on your phone to confirm the submission. A courier will then pick up your package from the DHL Locker.

How to send a shipment online


Order shipments online quickly and from the comfort of your home or office! You can easily find the price on our website, print shipping documents and schedule a courier pick up.


In our system you can insure your shipment or select a more environmentally friendly delivery option.


Pay for a shipment straight away with a payment card, print the waybill, order our courier to pick up your shipment. You can also pay to our courier with a card terminal.


Leave everything for us, we will look after your shipment and deliver it safely to the recipient. You can track the shipment via notifications and the Track and Trace service.

Watch the video to understand how to send your shipment with DHL Express online!

How to send a shipment from DHL Service Point


You can easily arrange shipment, whenever and wherever – even from your mobile phone. You can find out the price of the shipment or find the nearest drop-off point.


Then simply bring the shipment to a DHL Service Point, where the staff will be happy to pack and insure a shipment for you, without you needing to have DHL account.


You can send documents and shipments easily and quickly via a DHL Service Point.


You pay for the shipment by card. You can also track the shipment along its journey using notifications and the tracking service.

Check our video how to send a shipment with DHL via a Service Point!

How to send by calling our Customer Service


DHL Express makes it easy to send packges and documents worldwide. Order your shipments by phone and you will see that they are delivered quickly and reliably.


Just contact our call center at: +372 6 808 555 for mobile operator. Then tell us the sender and recepient information as well as shipment details.


Our DHL employee will create your pick up request and send you an email containing a link for you to finalize your transport label.


You will be invoiced for the shipment in advance. Then simply print out the label. Your DHL courier will come to pick up your shipment.

Watch the video to understand how to send your shipment with DHL Express by phone!

How to pick up a shipment from DHL Locker


Your shipment from abroad is already on its way and you don't want to wait for a courier? Forward the shipment to DHL Locker and pick it up whenever it is convinient for you.


Wait for the SMS and e-mail with the PIN code to pick up the shipment.


Use the PIN code to open the DHL Locker.


And you're done! DHL Locker is an easy way to pick up your shipment at a time that suits you.

Watch the video to understand how to pick up your shipment from DHL Locker!