Dynamic Discount

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Ship more, Save More!

Our Dynamic Discounting program helps small businesses like yours by giving them increasing discounts as their shipping volume grows. Save up to 70% on your shipping costs!

Your business's shipping volume may change from month to month, so our Dynamic Discounting program will automatically adjust the discount you receive.

How Dynamic Discounting Works

When your business signs up to Dynamic Discounting, it will enjoy an automatic two-month discounting period, locked in regardless of your shipping volume.

During this time, the Dynamic Discounting program will be measuring your shipping volumes. This will determine what discount will be applied once the two months is up.

Your business will then receive discounts based on your monthly shipping spend. So, ship less and your discount will decrease. Ship more, and your discount will increase – up to 70%!

Benefits of Dynamic Discount



Real-Time Cost Tracking

One-Time Setup

1 We know that small businesses can’t always anticipate how much they’ll be shipping each month, but with Dynamic Discounting, pricing will be automatically adjusted according to changes in your monthly shipping volume.

2 Your dashboard will give you the ability to view your starting, current, and future potential discount percentages. It will also help you track and measure your shipping volumes alongside the associated discount period.

3 You’ll have access to your very own dashboard to help you manage your costs and plan how much you need to ship to reach the next discount level.

4 Once your Dynamic Discounting is configured for your account, no further manual intervention is needed and your discounts will run automatically.